Cutest with nice smile baby contest

Posted on Rabu, Disember 23, 2009 by sYaFiQa contest lg la....

To participate, you just need to do the followings :

  • Add &ita maternity banner & links to your blog lists

Nama : Muhammad Ariq Darwisy Bin Mohd Ridhuan
Umur : 11Bulan ++
D.O.B : 27 Disember 2008
  • Please attach your most cutest with smile baby photo in your blog(sekeping jek ek) 
  • And lastly, email me your participation at Don't forget to leave your blog name/email.(comment box problem x tau naper, so email ek, sorry sgt..)

Oleh kerana sambutan yg amat menggalakkan contest ini dilanjutkan ke 31 december 2009 dan result will announce on 5th January 2010.
The winner will be selected based on the most cutest smile. Harap maklum....

2 Responses to "Cutest with nice smile baby contest":

mamaaerish : says:

chio chio... gd luck yer syg... aerish pn nk join gak.... :)

sYaFiQa says:

tq mamaaerish...jom la kita memeriahkan kontes nih...

Penaja Bersama.....